Bintang Terrace is on the second floor of Depot Island Seaside Building in Mihama American Village, Chatan Town, in central Okinawa. This recently opened restaurant is located in a popular seaside destination known by both visitors and locals for its beautiful view of the East China Sea and lively dining and entertainment scene. 

Bintang Terrace is located just adjacent to Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa, where you can take an enjoyable stroll among numerous retail outlets, cafes and souvenir shops.




Access from Naha City

Drive north on Route 58 and turn left at the Kuwae Intersection. As you pass the iconic Ferris wheel, you will see the Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa toward the end of the street. We are located on the second floor above the Lawson convenience store, next to the building featuring Blue Seal Ice Cream. Free parking is available.

営業時間          11:30-23:00   (月~木、日 Mon-Thu,Sun)

Business Hours     11:30-24:00      (金、土 Fri,Sat)

ランチ Lunch time 11:30-15:00

ハッピーアワー     16:00-サンセット(Sunset)まで
Happy hours 

定休日     不定休 (天候などにより休業の場合あり)

Closed irregularly

* We may be closed due to inclement weather.